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My artist name is Mizzo Bizzo. I was born on the twelfth of March, in 1978. I am a creative multimedia artist. I work with photography, videography, graphic/ web design, video editing, 3D and motion graphics. I do also produce music and Djing.

When it comes to music, I bought his first record at the age of eight (It was Michael Jackson with the song Billie Jean which is still living in me and I can still feel it just like the first time I heard it) Ever since the day I bought my first record, I never stopped living for music. I started my music career in age 14 as..........

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Here is a collection of my music production and DJ mixtapes. I produce all kind of House music " Funky, Electro, Deep, Tribal...ect " , Hip Hop , R&B and Chillout music. I do design cinamatic music as well for movies......

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I am currently available to do freelance projects. I am available to do freelance work for other agencies and individuals. If you would like to consider me for your next project please contact me and tell me a little about your project. If you still need a little persuading take a look at

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The great photographer Ansel Adams once said " There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. " And that is exactly my philosophy when it comes to photography. This philosophy makes me always thinking carefully about my partner in the pictures I make. Right now you are my partner as a viewer to my picture, So feel freel to watch my pictures.......

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Hello and welcome to my blog.

Writing really challenged me in many different ways. I would have to make decisions on my blogging format, the wording of my paragraphs, the photos or quotes to include in the blogs,the content to write about, and the depth and focus of each article. All those decisions allowed me to become a better thinker.

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Graphic Design

Here is a quick way to know me better. You will find on this page the milestones of my style in artistic and commercial designs. Just click down o have a look. 

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Web Design

I love designing websites that stand out from the rest. Not only that, but a web design that matches the brand  personality and needs of my client. Here is my portfolio.

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Motion Graphics

I have great interest in motion graphics and motion design and end up finding excuses to use this in my work whenever I can. Here I put some examples of my videos. 

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